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Ben Brueshoff, owner of BET Vodka, sits on a blue couch with a drink nearby/

"When people say, ‘Is there a spirit or a product that represents Minnesota?’ I want it to be BĒT Vodka,” says owner Ben Brueshoff.

Sign up for a pie crust-making class and you might make a friend. But more than that, Heather Keogh of Heather's Pies wants you to know how to make a proper pie crust.

Amol Dixit acknowledges that his initial business plan probably isn’t what they teach in business school. “Most people who start businesses have this brilliant idea and then figure out how to make a business out of it,” he says. “I was the opposite.”

Going out to eat can be filled with decisions. How far do you want to drive? Sit-down or take-out? What kind of cuisine? If that last question stumps you and your dining companion regularly, Tibet Corner in Hopkins on Mainstreet could be the solution.

Necessity, they say, is the mother of invention. For Brandie Itman, necessity was the spark that led to her kosher custom bakery business, Bella Nava Creations.

Going out for happy hour in St. Louis Park, it’s very likely you and your coworkers will bring up Rojo Mexican Grill at the West End. “We’re known for our great margaritas and awesome happy hour, and our patio in the summer is top-notch,” manager Matt Linse says.

Earth Day is coming up this month and it has us thinking about how to incorporate sustainable practices into all aspects of our lives, whether it’s recycling or going out to eat. We spoke with two St.

What wasn’t so commercial was a day in Xalapa, Veracruz, when a group of farmers gathered to connect on a spiritual level with their corn harvest. They were observing an indigenous Huichol tradition, shamanistic rather than capitalistic. Curtis Wilson, who this year takes over St.

Daylight saving time starts on March 12, which means that day, and for a couple days following, we’ll all be moving a little slower as our bodies try to catch up from losing an hour of sleep.

Equal parts industrial distillery and welcoming watering hole.

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, which means many Irish families (and many not-so-Irish families) are preparing their own Irish dinners. Usually this includes some variation of corned beef and cabbage, and the family’s recipe for Irish soda bread.