Linden Hills Resident and Author of Baby Bare Stephanie Johnson Encourages Movement for Brain Building in Babies

In her new book Baby Bare; a Bottom-Up Approach to Growing Strong Brains and Bodies, Somatic Psychotherapist Stephanie Johnson, M.A., R-DMT, LPC hopes to encourage more movement and play from the youngest members of the community. The Linden Hills resident emphasizes the importance of babies spending time on the floor to build core strength, and she blends her knowledge of education and movement arts to spread the word.  

After getting her Bachelor of Fine Arts in dance performance and then acquiring a certificate for dance education for grades K-12, Johnson developed a strong interest in working with children with special needs. That called for her to get her master’s in Somatic Psychotherapy. Johnson gives her “elevator talk” definition of Somatic Psychotherapy as “a body based psychotherapy.” Her practice involves supporting children with attention and learning challenges. 

Johnson’s sessions include both movement and table work focused on developmental movement therapy including reflex integration techniques. The majority of time spent with clients involves movement work. 

Some encouraging information? Johnson says babies already know what to do. She encourages parents to allow plenty of floor time on all sides because unrestricted movement is wiring the babies brain for all future cognitive and emotional development.