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The bookshelves at Wild Rumpus. Above, a boat is affixed to the ceiling.

Since 1992, Wild Rumpus has been a staple in the Linden Hills neighborhood, known for its great selection of children’s books, a special entryway for its younger patrons and its wild inhabitants.

Sometimes even the smallest gifts can make a huge difference. Wendy Berezovsky, founder of Sweet Dreams for Kids and mother of three, knows this from experience.

When you’re a marketing and entrepreneurship double-major, a common goal is to start a company. What’s uncommon is that the business plan you write for class actually becomes your company.

I really love pictures of gas stations, and you can’t beat this one—a 1959 Caddy with tailfins so pointy they’d surely poke your eyes out. The location is easy: Jiffy Car Wash is still at Excelsior Boulevard and Kipling.

On a Sunday morning in St. Louis Park, I watched a picture frame undergo a Cinderella-like transition. Starting with a $2 wood frame from Goodwill and a small jar of chalk paint, I quickly worked it into a stylish jewel-tone piece.

A Time to Die: The Untold Story of the Kursk Tragedy
by Robert Moore

This photo, taken by the tax assessor in 1960, is of some long-ago building that stood at what is now around Park Place Boulevard and 16th Street. Fifty-six years doesn’t seem so long ago to those of us in the history game, but a lot has happened since then in St. Louis Park.

Unless you’re biking along the Southwest Trail or dropping a child off at Kenwood Gymnastics Center, you’re not likely to stumble upon Steel Toe Brewing, located in an industrial area of St. Louis Park.

It was about 13 years ago when our new mayor Jake Spano jumped off his previous career track and started over.

You might recognize the name Jim Jennings from the liquor store on Excelsior Blvd. Or maybe you heard mention of him when he was inducted into the Minnesota Hospitality Hall of Fame last fall.

Last fall the city of St. Louis Park submitted a budget proposal for the 2015 Business District Initiative, a Hennepin County grant for up to $50,000. As a part of the application, the city council has agreed to commit up to $50,000 in matching funds.