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Prairie Fire Lady Choir isn’t here to lull you into a light doze with incomprehensible Latin hymns.

Jamie Marshall sang tenor while studying choral music at St. Olaf College a few years ago. He still does—still sings the highest male part, that is—only now at church, and in community choirs across the cities.

When life gets tough, it can be difficult to see how what’s happening now is shaping the future. It can be hard to look through the pain, trauma, sadness, anger or hurt and see the silver lining. But finding that joy, unearthing it and harnessing it, is what one St.

Sheila Asato is a woman of many passions, foremost among them dreamworking, as a means of tapping into an individual’s creativity and potential for spiritual healing.

Whether you still squirm at the thought of calling yourself a writer or are an accomplished author with a library of published works, the Twin Cities Writing Studio can provide the rare opportunity to gather among women wri

Tom Glaser has literally written the book on the secret to happiness, which, ironically, was born during the unhappiest period of his adult life.

It’s raining in St. Louis Park, and on Hestia Abeyesekera’s front porch, a cat with luxuriant fur strides across the keys of an upright piano. I sit down to play it. Of the five pianos in the house, Hestia’s students prefer this one.

It’s not hard to see St. Louis Park author Margie Zats in Alexandra, the main character in her debut novel, Alexandra the Grate: Who Insisted Life Be Well Done.

He started small, as a fifth-grade teacher and coach in the tiny town of Elmore in 1981. From then until now, Rob Metz has worked at schools across Minnesota as both a teacher and principal for elementary and high school, eventually winding up in the role of superintendent for St.

From beer brewers to violin bow makers, St. Louis Park’s unique hub of craftspeople participate in trades that fall on a spectrum from hobbies to life-changing careers. These artisans often have uncommon advice to share with the community about their specific skills.