Boogie to the Beat at Wildhive

Wildhive participants connect with their inner child and embrace play.
At Wildhive, participants find the beat they were born with. Here they let loose at Paikka in St. Paul.

According to Mollie Krengel, each of us is born with a beat inside us. The Minneapolis resident, dancer, scientist and creator of Wildhive explains we spend the first nine months of our lives listening to our mother’s heartbeat in the womb. “We all have that,” Krengel says. With a longing to help others embrace this inner beat, Krengel created Wildhive, a business where she brings together individuals from across the Twin Cities for an hour of dance, creative play and connection.

Wildhive events begin with attendees standing in a circle. Natural light spills in from the large windows of the event space, carefully chosen by Krengel. Speakers hum with spunky pop and hip hop tunes, and inhibitions begin to fade away. The group then moves out of the circle into some choreographed moves and creative play. Krengel’s own dance moves, usually bordering the edge of silly, create an atmosphere of welcoming energy. “It’s so warm and welcoming and funny,” she says. “When the music comes on I’m kind of crazy.”
But Wildhive is more than just your average dance party. “I like to say we can apply it to our relationships with other people,” Krengel says. “You can only meet someone as far and as deep as you’ve met yourself.” Krengel has had attendees show up at Wildhive events who are going through difficult times in their lives, from job changes to divorce to death. “A lot of scientists say that adding more play into your life can help you come up with more problem solving and solutions,” Krengel says.
Krengel believes dance is a way to connect with your inner child, from the growing baby listening to their mother’s heartbeat in the womb to the rambunctious toddler dancing wildly around the living room to a favorite tune. Krengel explains many people become disconnected with this attitude of play, generally when they hit the teenage years. Wildhive is a way to reconnect, finding space inside of us that’s always been there.  
When Krengel created Wildhive, she searched for the perfect name. “This is like my baby,” she says of the business, noting the process of finally choosing the name Wildhive was similar to naming a child—thoughtful and with great purpose. “I really like [the word] wild,” Krengel says. “One of the definitions is ‘our truest state.’ I wanted people to really come as themselves.” The “hive” of Wildhive comes from Krengel’s hope her events will create community, similar to that of a buzzing beehive.
Wildhive events are scattered across Minneapolis in places like the Solar Arts Building in Northeast Minneapolis and 514 Studios. The locations change from event to event because, “I actually really love change,” Krengel says. “Part of the adventure is the change.”
She acknowledges many Wildhive attendees show up with a few nerves. But she also notes many of these brave men and women leave feeling energized. “I think a lot of people would use the word freedom,” she says.