Carag’s Mosaic Murals Brought a Neighborhood Together

When a beloved community mural— situated on the wall of Bryant Market in the Carag neighborhood—was destroyed during a construction project, the neighborhood rallied. Volunteers, ages 5 to 99, came together to cut tiles and put them together to create five gorgeous mosaic murals in a new location, Carag’s Bryant Square Park.

The different panels represent Minnesota seasons: a bright monarch butterfly surrounded by colorful flowers and a few pollinating bees; a fall-inspired scene of a bicyclist riding through autumnal leaves; falling snowflakes dedicated to the famous Minn. winters; a tribute to spring and summer with multicolored houses, grass and a beautiful sun; and an abstract piece of swirling blues to reflect the wading pool.

Each mural was led by artist Sharra Frank, but the pieces came together through community volunteers.