A Coat of Paint Goes a Long Way

BLUE Painting co-owner Max Higgen-Houser explains the value of a fresh coat of paint.

BLUE Painting is a local painting company with an affinity for color— and the evidence is written in their name. Blue is frequently asked to do full house exterior repaints, and City South Magazine spoke with co-owner Max Higgen-Houser to find out why color makes such a big impact on a home. “A lot of people are surprised with the transformation that’s possible when you manipulate color on exteriors,” Higgen-Houser says.  

For those thinking about adding a fresh coat of paint to their home, Higgen-Houser suggests asking yourself the question: “What are you trying to do with this space?” If you want to create a relaxing atmosphere, choose colors that reflect that choice, including light blue, gray and earth tones.

“We also do decks, and a lot of them,” Higgen-Houser says, stating that September is the best time for homeowners to protect their decks. “The humidity levels are lower than spring or summer, and in Minnesota, it rains less.”

Trendy Colors to Paint Your Space:

•  Sky blue with orange and white accents
•  Dark gray with white trim and bright red accents
•  Dark blue with white trim and a red door

•  Dark or light gray with white trim
•  Dark red with white or oak trim
•  Navy blue with white trim