Custom Designed and Built on Passion

DIG Garden Design creates the outdoor space of your dreams.
A few examples of DIG Garden Design projects in the City South area.

George E. Prine III knew there was more to life than this. “After 25 years in the hotel industry, I decided to make a change. It was a change that was passion driven. I wanted to be outside, and I loved plants and designing,” Prine says. Prine started DIG Garden Design to create distinctive custom installations for outdoor residential spaces. His garden designs are restrained and simple, requiring little maintenance beyond watering and occasional trimming, although a professional team is available through DIG to assist with seasonal clean up or for an upcoming event.

Prine says he will never refuse a vision. “With my clients, yes is the answer. I will do anything the client is looking for within the limits of the site conditions and the budget they are willing to work within,” he explains. Dreaming of an outdoor kitchen, deck or pool? Prine coordinates with talented individuals, from woodworkers to stone installers, to build the perfect outdoor space. For example, he has completed two projects for Archie and Senator Tina Smith. The Smiths appreciate the ecological-minded approach Prine applies to his work. He proposed a crushed gravel driveway in place of traditional concrete or asphalt to produce a natural appearance and prevent water run-off into the nearby lake. “He is an absolute professional, a 10 out of 10, and highly ethical,” Archie says. “He listens carefully and applies his outstanding knowledge of plants and sense of style, which is fabulous. He hires great contractors; all great ideas need great people to put them together.”
With these kinds of accolades, DIG Garden Design evolved. “Ironman Design Studio came out of the necessity of what I was creating within these projects. People were building these stone walls and every few years they would fall down or out of alignment, and people were spending a lot of money rebuilding them,” Prine says. Prine experimented with a material known as corten steel (also called “weathering steel”) and created a beautiful, contemporary retaining wall with, most importantly, durability. The success and popularity of the steel retaining walls segued to plant containers, sculptures and furniture.

When Dave and Julie Wicklund remodeled their Minnehaha Parkway home, a yard renovation was the logical final step. Impressed with the creative and functional outdoor space of a neighbor, the Wicklunds contacted Prine. “I wasn’t sure how the corten steel retaining wall would look against our house, but it ended up turning out awesome and we love it,” Julie says.  The Wicklunds added coordinating corten steel planters and a bench.
Like the Wicklunds and Smiths, most of Prine’s clients come to him by referral. His free consultation includes a complete site assessment. “I believe strongly in looking at your interior space. I really try to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor,” he says. He considers lifestyle, too, because the appropriate use of outdoor elements is key. “The thing about George, I think, he’s just a great person to work with because of his personality,” Julie says. “He’s very creative, he listens to what you’re interested in and he has great ideas if you don’t really know even where to start.”

Prine’s business heats up in February and March as spring fever rises. He often has several projects slated in advance for the upcoming season. Many are larger, continuous projects divided over a few years to accommodate budgetary or time constraints. Prine was right; there was more to life. He followed his passion and created his own custom path to a satisfying and successful business.