Successful problem-solving skills are based on having an intuitive sense of the problem.  That is, being able to recognize its different “parts” and how they relate to the “whole.”  In math, underdanding this relationship between numbers is called “Number Sense.”  Like most skills, Number Sense c

In today's tight labor market, one that's hungry for the tech-savvy, a mastering of math-based skills has never been more important.

It’s September, and the kids are going back to school after a homework-free summer. We asked Bobby Tarnowski, owner of St.

The start of the school year will mark a new beginning at Benilde-St. Margaret’s. Dr. Kevin Gyolai is the new president of the Catholic school and only the fifth president in the school’s history.

Mack Nevells, featured in our August 2013 Prep Elite issue, has already made strides toward his goal of becoming a filmmaker.

Although journalism has built a solid foundation, closely tied to the stories which shaped the world we know today, the question continues to loom: How will the profession adjust to an increasingly digital readership?

It’s a long journey from kindergarten to senior year, but as this year’s Prep Elite class proves, a lot can happen during those years (which always seem to go a lot more quickly for parents than they do for their kids).

When I sat down with three fifth-graders from the French Academy of Minnesota, a language immersion school in St. Louis Park, to talk about their education, I didn’t expect to get an education myself.

Meet people of all ages from around the world and help them learn a new language: English. Adult Options in Education (AOIE) is looking for volunteers to help adult students learn English, as well as other workforce skills.

Young gardeners display the fruits of their hard work.

Children are no strangers to dirt, and the arrival of summer means little ones and their parents have the opportunity to dig deep at Kid Zone in St. Louis Park.