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Yoga in the Garden

Immerse yourself into the world of yoga in the heart of the Chinese Garden at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. Both morning and late afternoon sessions are offered to calm your every sense, accompanied by a nourishing and delicious breakfast and lunch.

Story Club Minneapolis

Story Club Minneapolis is a live monthly storytelling show featuring both an open mic segment and a curated set of performers from all over the Twin Cities arts scene and beyond. Story Club showcases true, autobiographical stories -- especially stories that are bold, vulnerable, unexpected, and connected to the complexity of our cultural environment. No two Story Club evenings are ever alike, but each month when we wrap up the show, we feel like we’ve witnessed a new, unique little community coming together. June’s featured storytellers will be Laura Packer and Phil Gonzalez.

Cinema Lounge

Cinema Lounge is where independent filmmakers schmooze and make nice. Short Films. Indie Filmmakers.

BAND Cabaret

A cabaret series presented and curated by The BAND Group, BAND Cabaret bands together the Twin Cities’ most talented performers with a local nonprofit for an evening filled with story, song, and a chance to get to know people who work daily to make a difference! Each cabaret brings together a new set of performers and new nonprofit organization. June 10: PRIDE Edition. June 24: Songs I'll Never Sing.

Cellular Cinema 46 - Mike Gibisser: Site Specificities

This suite of films works within the physical boundaries of particular destinations—domestic or public—to explore the complexities implicit in even the most mundane spaces. Gibisser’s films meditate on the process of aging as well as the metaphors and beliefs embedded in scientific axioms and investigate architecture and objects to uncover their ideological underpinnings.

Tipsy Kangaroo’s Naughty Puppet Revue!

Tipsy Kangaroo’s Naughty Puppet Revue is a puppet improv show! Come watch professional puppeteers (Disney, Muppets, etc.) perform instant comedy from your suggestions, while getting an exclusive look into how they work. This show is three shows in one: live, filmed, and behind the scenes. Not suitable for children under 16.

The Local Music Scene Presents: Tori Evans

Every month a different local musician performs their original music. Between songs, a group of local improvisers, The Local Music Scene, improvises comedic scenes inspired by the lyrics. June’s guest will be Tori Evans, an amazing 17-year-old Minneapolis based singer/songwriter with a powerful voice that will leave you breathless. Her music complements heartfelt lyrics written well beyond her years.

Broadway, Circa 1986

Join Mistress Ginger for a queer musical romp through Broadway of the 1980s. Expect shoulder pads, roller skates, and frisky felines galore. All your fave showtunes will be there. Think Cats, Phantom, Les Miz and more. Meanwhile, Ginger regales you with tales of her adventures coming out as queer, leading one and all on a bedazzled journey to luscious liberation. Meow!

Research COUNCIL: Episode #8/Table

The agenda is bloated and the tables are covered with heaps of deadlines, to-do lists, unsigned contracts, appointment reminders, letter of recommendation requests, overdue applications, unedited bylaws, and a mission and values statement in dire need of overhaul. We don't know how it has reached this point (or maybe we do) and/but we're not sure what to do about it. The members of the Wellness Subcommittee are urging everyone to take breaks when needed, but the Managerial Taskforce is breathing down our necks.

"But It Was Cold Last Week!" and Other Sins Against Climatology

Some people think the climate cannot change because it’s “too old” (someone actually said that!). Others think every tornado, raindrop, and puffy cloud is evidence that the climate is changing. We have those who think any cold day means that scientists are incompetent liars, but also those who believe a warm day in December means we’re all victims of an elaborate government mind-control campaign. And let’s not forget the guy who took a geology class 27 years ago; he usually has a lot to say.


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