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Superfoods: Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

The Loop, a popular restaurant in downtown Minneapolis, opened its new location at the Shops at West End in May. The self-proclaimed “fun, fresh and local” eatery was looking to expand its reach and found the perfect home in St.

We’d all like to think that we’re top-notch home chefs. Unfortunately, most of us come up against difficult situations when we try complicated dishes. Have you ever struggled with bread dough that just won’t rise? How about soggy tempura when the frying oil didn’t get hot enough?

When you put together local beer, juicy burgers and a perfect summer night, you can’t help but fall back in love with this Minnesota season.

Erik Brust, Jamie Marshall and Connor Wray are roommates and recent college graduates who like to stay up late playing bridge.

The modern breakfast as we know it is only a century old. Prior to the 20th century, Americans would often have a quick, meatless bite to break their fast before heading out to work in the fields.

Many a Minnesotan considers May to be the finest month of the year. As the first blush of summer creeps in, lilacs saturate the air with perfume, and the last of the dirty snow melts away.

The Submission -by Amy Waldman

Countless books have been written about ethical eating, sustainable agriculture and healthy dieting. It’s a topic that’s been on the proverbial table for years: Are we eating well? Are we consuming with a conscience? Are our meal choices “friendly”—or are they hostile? It can be a heavy subject.