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We can thank Shakespeare for giving us “salad days” to refer to the time of our youth and inexperience—but for this story, we can thank ancient Latin. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, “salad goes back to the Latin sal—salt.

It’s spring and the weather is changing right along with the menu. After a long winter, lighter dishes lifted with the flavors of spring are more appetizing than ever. Take a look at how St. Louis Park restaurants welcome spring.


Conceived by four friends—including two brothers—the West End’s most recent restaurant serves Indian food in a beautiful contemporary space with a bar full of unique craft cocktails.

The food-truck trend has definitely hit home with St. Louis Park’s own Muddy Paws Cheesecake taking a ride. Last June, the bakery unveiled Camp Cheesecake—a colorful 1964 camper carrying those sought-after homemade cheesecakes.

February might be a drag, but there is a candy-centric holiday smack-dab in the middle of it, and that’s something to celebrate, even if you’re not firing Cupid’s arrows. Yes, it’s chocolate season!

Soup is a transformative food. It has the power to heal, comfort and fortify, making it the ideal winter nourishment. There is a veritable kaleidoscope of soupy soul-cures out there, from the classic to the exotic, and at this time of year we need all of those things in a big way.

Health in the Park is a city-wide initiative raising awareness and making it possible for residents to be as healthy as they can be. Because it’s a community program, St. Louis Park Schools superintendent Rob Metz thinks it makes sense to include the city’s youngest residents.

The food police work in mysterious ways. Keeping up with the latest nutritional darlings can be as confounding as tracking fashion trends (by the way, are we still wearing skinny jeans?) One week, eggs are bad for you; another week, they’re good.

The story of local vodka company AVIV starts with its founder Marc Grossfield, who has strong roots in St. Louis Park. He grew up on the west side and graduated from St. Louis Park High School in 1975.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner—and that means turkey. While families at home are oven-roasting their birds to perfection, eateries around St. Louis Park have been plating up creative turkey dishes year-round.