Introducing mXe Movement Studio in Linden Hills

What makes mXe Movement Studio in Linden Hills stand apart? Pronounced “moxie,” mXe’s founder Heather Corndorf refers to her studio’s group fitness offerings as movement classes where all levels are welcome. From the format of the classes to the top-notch instructors, all aspects of mXe foster an environment where members come back for more than toned muscles and improved cardio capabilities.

Corndorf wants her clients to feel physically rewarded after mXe’s versions of cardio, strength, barre, yoga, dance, bodyweight training, boxing and more. But she sees the physical aspect of fitness as a stepping stone to her mission for mXe: “self-love that will result in more compassion, respect and unity in the world,” she says. She emphasizes mXe is not an exclusive club. “We want to pull out your mXe and celebrate our differences,” she explains. Corndorf reports some clients say, “This isn’t exercise.” She thinks they might feel that way because mXe’s approach isn’t demeaning. “It’s challenging work that allows you to move with strength, grace and a deeper understanding of your body,” she says.

Who comes to mXe? Corndorf says the mXe client is “curious, courageous, open-minded, positive, compassionate, honest, energetic and bold.” The mXe customer is also multigenerational. At mXe there are classes for kids 3–13, teens, adults and active aging adults 60+.

Corndorf, a professionally trained dancer and health coach with over two decades of experience teaching group fitness and training other instructors, hired Jacy Grais to direct mXeWORLD, the community service pillar of mXe. Grais says, “At mXe we provide an integrative approach to health, and service is an important part of that. We don’t exist alone; we need each other to thrive, and we need to care for one another.”  

The first service event at mXe, called Bringing Compassion to the Streets, aimed to do something concrete to help people struggling on the streets. “We assembled kits filled with snacks and necessities to keep in our cars and distribute as needed,” Grais says.

You don’t have to be a member to participate in the service events. Grais has future events on the calendar both at mXe and in the community. “By design, mXe’s service activities are one-time events. We want people to learn they can do service projects easily and that it all counts,” Grais says. “At the same time, we hope to introduce community members to the wonderful nonprofits around us doing life-changing work. We hope through mXeWORLD, people will become more involved with organizations that speak to them. Our events are a jumping-off point for deeper community involvement.”
Deb Mallin, a mXe client from South Minneapolis, says the vision and passion behind mXe is like nothing she has ever experienced. “The classes have me only wanting more. I’m so grateful to have discovered a place and a mission that matches my current decade of life and the way I’m living it. I’m not only getting older and better, I’m getting mXe!” Mallin says. She thanks Corndorf for being innovative, bold and creating something she’s never been able to find in the Twin Cities.

Members and class packages are available. Learn more at the website here.