Linden Hills Native Jimmy Wilson Displays Fine Art in His Hometown

About a year ago, a man made his way to a gallery in Linden Hills. After perusing for a while, he approached the gallery’s owner Jimmy Wilson (where the gallery earns it namesake) and told him he had a photo of The Beatles he wanted to sell.

“I’m always inspired [by] pursuing ‘the one,’” Wilson says. He was about to strike gold—that photo of The Beatles was the iconic image featured on the band’s Abbey Road album, snapped by the original photographer.
Finding art by way of stumbling across it isn’t foreign to Wilson. In fact, it was how he found the space that would later become his gallery. “I’m not a gambler, but I am a risk-taker,” Wilson says. That risk has turned into reward, as his gallery has joined the plethora of successful small businesses in Linden Hills. Currently, the gallery is featuring paintings and sculptures by Cathy Bratter, which will remain on display through 2018.

Jimmy Wilson Gallery
4304 Upton Ave. S., Minneapolis
The gallery is open Wednesday–Sunday, 12–5 p.m., or by appointment.