Little Libraries in St. Louis Park

St. Louis Park High School graduate Mitch Rotert finds a way to share his love for books.

We’ve found him: The young man responsible for providing the community of St. Louis Park with free reading material is Mitch Rotert, graduate of the St. Louis Park High School class of 2013. For his Eagle Scout project, Rotert set up six little libraries: one at Aquila Park, one at Aquila School, one at Dakota, one at Lamplighter, one at Oak Hill, and the last near the baseball complex at Aquila. Originally planning to clear brush for a walking path, Rotert decided on the library idea instead because his passion for reading outweighs his passion for clearing brush. “I took books from my childhood that I liked a lot,” Rotert says. For example, the first book chosen for the free library is his personal favorite, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.Stop by one of these little libraries and pick up a book to read, or leave one of your favorites for someone else. They are all your libraries to use now.&For those unfamiliar, Free Little Libraries can be constructed and used by anyone; simply stop by, take a book, leave a book, return the book when you’re done. Learn more at