A Mini Tour of City South Public Art

City South offers an art museum without walls, open every day.
Birds of a Different Feather

Stream of Trailing Reeds by Lisa Elias
This artistic railing, constructed of steel and with a curvilinear shape to remind us of a river’s flow, was installed in 2006 near a building at 1937 Bryant Ave S.

Birds of a Different Feather, by Ben Janssens and Marjorie Pitz
Installed on a 10-block stretch of Nicollet Ave. (W. 32nd to W. 42nd Streets), there are 13 “birds of a different feather” in all. I like the description of the birds that includes the notion that they, like many of us, have migrated here.

Dream Elevator, by Randy Walker
Located on the corner of Wooddale and 36th, Dream Elevator is a 45-ft tall sculpture inspired by the first concrete tubular grain elevator built in Minneapolis. It moves me with its color and combination of power and fragility and also in its name: How many wonderful ways can our imaginations travel with the words “dream” and “elevator”?

Armatage Gateway: Garden Party, by Scott Wallace
This lively arch, including images of a seahorse and a lollipop, was installed at the entryway to Armatage Park. It seems to me to invite change: Where will you go next, once you’ve passed through the gate? It’s been nothing but my pleasure to hold the position of editor of City South Magazine but as you may know, I am now passing the reigns to the very talented Zoe Gelvick. See you on the other side!

Go to cityoflakes.maps.arcgis.com for a tour of more than 77 pieces of public art in south and southwest Minneapolis and see www.stlouispark.org/our-city/arts-culture/public-art for a similar tour in St. Louis Park.