Murals out of Mosaics

This Minneapolis artist takes something small to create something large.
Summer from the airport mosaics

Stacia Goodman has been working as a mosaic artist for 15 years. “I’ve always been really creative in one way or another,” she says, adding that because mosaic art is such a hands-on experience, it was something she had to teach herself.  

Most of Goodman’s work is commissioned and created for commercial and public spaces. She works out of her studio in the lower level of her Southwest Minneapolis home and tries to use recycled or locally bought glass and tile whenever possible.

Two of her largest projects are at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport—one mural depicts a summer scene and the other a winter scene of the northern lights. About 15,000 to 20,000 pieces of glass and tile were used, which is large compared to a more recent work of hers at the St. Louis Park Recreation Center, which used about 500 to 800 pieces. She also says that with works on this scale, she often has to transport them to their locations in sections.

“People have such a great reaction with mosaics. It’s art that you can touch,” Goodman says.