Park-o-pedia Trivia

Significant tidbits from the St. Louis Park Historical Society.

 1). Which of these famous people did not hail from St. Louis Park?a.                 Ethan Coen b.                Al Franken c.                 Al Gore d.                Harry Reasoner   2). Circle the names of the four historic railroad lines that came through St. Louis Park. a.                  Dan Patch b.                 Pacific c.                 Milwaukee Road d.                Great Northern e.                 Minneapolis and St. Louis   3). Who was St. Louis Park’s first woman mayor? a.                  Dorothea Nelson b.                 Evelyn Raymond c.                 Angie Dickenson d.                Phyllis McQuaid   4). What innovative and iconic kitchen product is Nordic Ware known for? a.                  Bundt pan b.                 Squeezy Freezy Slushie Maker c.                 Ginsu knives d.                Mini Muffin pan  Answers:  1) c. 2) b.  3) d. 4) a.