The Park Theater Company Hosts Their Community Talent Show

Operetta singer Symone Smash will be performing in the Talent Show again this year.

Anyone in St. Louis Park with a hidden—or not so hidden—talent is in luck. The Park Theater Company is hosting its eighth annual community-wide talent show. Jim McDonough, who has been organizing the talent show for the past eight years, really enjoys seeing how it brings the people of this community together. “Art is a way to relate to all people,” he says, “no matter the differences. It’s important to the community.” In 2009, when the Parks and Rec Center called the Park Theater Company and asked if they were interested in setting up a community program, the staff immediately jumped at the opportunity. The St. Louis Park annual community talent show has been a part of summer in St. Louis Park ever since.

The Park Theater looks for all types of talent, from vocalists such as Symone Smash (pictured left), to dancers to musicians—all talents and skill levels are welcome. “We’ve had people sing the songs they wrote,” McDonough says, “and other people sing covers.” They’re open to anything and everything that their community members are passionate about.

The St. Louis Park annual community talent show hosts professionals, beginners and everyone in between. There is no age limit for the show, so a wide variety of abilities can be expected—everyone from an accomplished trumpet player to an adorable 4-year-old in a frilly tutu. There’s also no pre-registration, so participants can just show up on the day of auditions at Wolfe Park Amphitheater.

McDonough has been involved in community organizations for almost 30 years, so he knows when he has helped create something great—something that people love and look forward to every year. “St. Louis Park and the Park Theater have a great deal of talent,” he says. “It’s just been fun.” —Justine Reale

Auditions: August 2, 6-8 p.m. (held in the pavilion adjacent to the amphitheater)

Talent Show: August 17, 7-8:30 p.m. (held at Wolfe Park Amphitheater)