Picture City South: Curiosity in Nature

The story behind a very curious kitty and a brave toad.
second place Pets by Susan Spannaus

This whimsical photo of a curious cat and a toad won second place in the Pets category of the Picture City South photo contest. The cat’s name is Winslow. His owner, Susan Spannaus, took the picture on her patio in 2015. A toad lived on her porch and her cats, Winslow and Laslow, loved to watch it.

Winslow passed away three years ago and Laslow passed away two years ago, but Spannaus says she took lots of pictures with both cats. Spannaus and Winslow came together around Halloween when Spannaus got him from a pumpkin patch where a litter of kittens was being given away. Although the litter was too young to be given away, Winslow was happy in his home. He saw Spannaus as his mom and often followed her around the house.

Winslow and the Toad was taken on Spannaus’ iPhone 5. She does photography as a hobby, inspired by both her father and sister, who are photographers. The photo memorializes Winslow and his peaceful relationship with the toad on the patio.

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