Picture City South: Life’s Curiosity

Photographer Jo Davis finds inspiration in the everyday.
third place City Landmarks By JO DAVIS

This photo titled Curiosity features a young woman peeking through a door. The subject of the photo is photographer Jo Davis’ 7-year-old daughter, Riley. “On this particular day, I was struggling with a migraine but decided to get outside … for a short walk, thinking the fresh air might help,” Davis explains. It was on this walk that she captured this photo, a moment filled with the curiosity of childhood.
In her photography, Davis says she’s inspired by everyday life. “I want to capture all those little moments—the things that you might not think are that photo-worthy at the time, but when you look back at the picture it floods you with memories of your daily routine, or your child’s favorite outfit,” she explains.
Professional photographers aren’t the only ones who can capture life’s everyday moments. Davis gives this advice to aspiring photographers: “Just pick up the camera, even if it’s on your phone, and start capturing those moments,” she says. Start small and look online for sites that teach about camera settings and composition.