Picture City South: Making the Save

Second Place winner for “Activities and Events” in 2017 photo contest.
First Place Activities & Events by Jeff Liss

As any parent who has raised sports-loving kids knows, many an “Activity and Event” revolves around those sports, those friends, those fellow parents. St. Louis Park resident and parent Jeff Liss took this photo not of his own daughter—Mei Li Liss, who is also a talented soccer player—but of Mei Li’s longtime soccer buddy, goalie Anna Roethler. “I was just at exactly the right place at the right time to get this shot,” says Liss, but that’s probably what comes of being “the Dad on the sidelines with the camera.”

He’s been “that Dad” since the girls played on club teams in St. Louis Park and throughout their four years on the St. Louis Park high school girls’ soccer team. Both young women are in college now—Mei Li at St. Thomas University and Anna at Carleton—and both are playing soccer at the college level. Carleton and St. Thomas played against each other in 2017, in fact, at a game which both the Liss and the Roethler families attended. “We weren’t sitting together anymore,” says Liss. “We were on opposite sides of the field. We’re still good friends, though. We got together at half-time.”

Like many St. Louis Park residents, Liss has lived much of his life in the city: “47 years out of 67,” he says, laughing. “I grew up here, went through school here, lived in neighborhoods in all corners.” Both of his children went through the St. Louis Park public schools, too. “There’s something about it here,” he says of St. Louis Park. “The familiarity, the location, the prices and value of homes.”

And friendships forged by families doing what they can to save the moments, together.