Picture City South: Winter Beauty

Photographer Mardo Charuc captures a stunning winter moment.
First Place Wildlife & Nature by Mardo Charuc

Photographer Mardo Charuc writes about his photo “Winter Beauty,” which won first place in the photo contest’s “Wildlife and Nature” category:

“I took this photograph the week I bought my first semi-professional camera. I had been eagerly anticipating having my own camera, so during my lunch break I went to Wolfe Park to capture some shots of whatever grabbed my attention. As I arrived at the park I saw this scene. It was a cold winter day, but I couldn’t adjust all the camera settings with my gloves on so I had to take them off. My fingers hurt from the cold, and I ended up getting my pants all dirty when I knelt down to get just the right angle, but I didn’t even care because I was so engrossed in the moment. When I got home that night I looked through the pictures I had taken and right away I knew this one was a keeper.”

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