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The bookshelves at Wild Rumpus. Above, a boat is affixed to the ceiling.

Since 1992, Wild Rumpus has been a staple in the Linden Hills neighborhood, known for its great selection of children’s books, a special entryway for its younger patrons and its wild inhabitants.

New Year’s resolutions, as well-intended as they are, often come with a shelf life. Days, weeks, maybe even months if we’re lucky. But for local fashion designer Daphne Orlando, a resolution to stop buying conventional cotton didn’t just stick; it sparked a new way of life.

Change is inevitable. Styles, technology and even language evolve as time goes on, but Greg Rich found one thing that hasn’t: the furniture-selling industry. So he took it upon himself to change the way we buy.

From the moment I walked into the Alvarado house, I felt welcomed. The smell of percolating coffee on the counter, pictures of smiling faces covering the walls—I felt like I was walking into an old friend’s house, not someone I hadn’t yet met.

Every so often, one of my clients tells me that their shampoo and conditioner has stopped working. “Well,” I say to them, “the products still work. Your hair feels different because it has changed.”

“Carving is a lot like writing,” says John Hein. “You love doing it, but you have to be in the mood.” Although this Sorenson resident happens to do both year-round, ‘tis the season to focus on his carving, which primarily consists of white pine or basswood Christmas ornaments.

Meet Siri Nyman. “I am the wine buyer, and St. Louis Park is my special store.” Her mission is to make Top Ten Liquors a very special place to visit.

Let’s face it, cats definitely have minds of their own, and you’ll get mixed results at best if you attempt to play fetch with your cat or try training her to come when you call.

Although its pet personality product line just came out in January, Talisman Designs began humbly in 2002 with president Katherine Waymire handcrafting stemware adornments out of wire and beads in her basement.

The program is called VOICE (Volunteer Opportunities in Community Service Experience), and while it ran successfully for years at the St.

From the moment guests step into Urban Retreat Med Spa, they can see and feel the difference. While some spa facilities can seem intimidating, owner Suzanne O’Brien has noticed that “people feel really comfortable.