A Love Letter to Minneapolis from Eat Street

Minneapolis’s Eat Street is a big name in the Twin Cities. When the marketing consultants at Zeus Jones moved into Whittier, they fell in love with the 17 blocks of delicious food. Thus, the cookbook From Eat Street, With Love was born.


Building Dreamhouse: A Chat with Author Judy McConnell

Some people might assume if an author started writing at 70, she would regret having not started sooner. That isn’t the case for Judy McConnell, now 84. McConnell acknowledges what she is writing about just wouldn’t be the same if she had started earlier.


Borscht, Chocolate Pie and History, Too

More than a cookbook and more than a family memoir, The Lincoln Del Cookbook, by Wendi Zelkin Rosenstein and Kit Naylor (Minn. Historical Society Press, September 2017), seamlessly shares personal stories and best-loved recipes from the bakery and Jewish deli many Minneapolis natives remember with fondness, and even longing. The last restaurant closed in 2000.


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