Local Chapters: Two Neighborhood Groups Bond Through Book Clubs

Westwood Hills resident Kim Sherman remembers when she first joined her local book club a decade ago. She was new to the neighborhood and didn’t know many people in the area. Meeting neighbors and relying on them as resources helped build a feeling of security. “[The book club] definitely forged new friendships,” she says. “We spend a good amount of time socializing as well as sharing ideas and thoughts about the book.”

Another book club has formed more recently in the Cedar Manor neighborhood. “We are just getting started,” says founder Debra Bohn.


St. Louis Park Resident and Later-Life Author Jim Evavold Publishes Science Fiction Exodus to Earth

The sun of distant planet Evion is dying. Solar flares pick off unwary survivors as they glide past crumbling buildings and deserted streets in the last inhabited city on the planet. Massive earthquakes follow. Dust and toxins pollute the air.

Sounds like Evion needs a hero.

And Jim Evavold—St. Louis Park business realtor and broker, science fiction movie lover, Joseph Campbell aficionado, and 55-year-old first-time writer—has come to the rescue.


Jo Nesbo's "The Snowman" Is Cold and Creepy

Gritty detective Harry Hole suspects serial murder when an ominous snowman appears at each of the homes of several women in Oslo who are later found dead. The cold creeps into the room as you are pulled into the full horror of this tale. You’re not even conscious of turning the page as the senses are teased. Author Jo Nesbo is better than Agatha Christie. Find this and other titles at



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