Change Your Idea of a Workout with The Bar Method

What started out as a single studio in San Francisco quickly became a workout evolution as Bar Method studios have spread throughout the country. Twin Cities Bar Method owner and general manager Kayla O’Rourke manages one studio in Edina and another in the Northloop area of Minneapolis, framing the City South area like book ends. O’Rourke puts an emphasis on creating community and providing a space where clients can connect and get to know each other between strengthening their muscles.


Introducing mXe Movement Studio in Linden Hills

What makes mXe Movement Studio in Linden Hills stand apart? Pronounced “moxie,” mXe’s founder Heather Corndorf refers to her studio’s group fitness offerings as movement classes where all levels are welcome. From the format of the classes to the top-notch instructors, all aspects of mXe foster an environment where members come back for more than toned muscles and improved cardio capabilities.


The Trainees’ Revenge

It’s payback time! In October, HIT Results Fitness will open a program giving their clients the chance to train their trainers. Each session costs $50 and exercise cards will be provided to help the client guide the workout for a half hour. By the end of the session, the client and trainer are sure to be even.

Don’t have a score to settle, but still interested? You don’t need to be a client to participate, and new clients will also receive a free strength training session at the gym.


Fall into Shape

Healthy lifestyle guru Greg Barth’s podcast, The Life of Now, is about more than just working out. Barth, a St. Louis Park resident, launched the podcast in May 2014 and records it from his home studio. He’s gained plenty of popularity, covering topics like exercising, eating well and living out a life goal. “Everyone knows how to do a push-up,” Barth says. “Usually [a listener’s] limitation is not believing in themselves.”

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