Change Your Idea of a Workout with The Bar Method

What started out as a single studio in San Francisco quickly became a workout evolution as Bar Method studios have spread throughout the country. Twin Cities Bar Method owner and general manager Kayla O’Rourke manages one studio in Edina and another in the Northloop area of Minneapolis, framing the City South area like book ends. O’Rourke puts an emphasis on creating community and providing a space where clients can connect and get to know each other between strengthening their muscles.


Family Fitness: More than Fun

Kids learn best by example. If you’re tired of telling your children to go outside to play (without you or them getting up from the couch), you might want to consider these Woodbury-based family fitness activities.


CrossFit Queen

Everyone has their reasons for setting a particular goal. It was Athena Perez’s “why” that kept her pushing to lose weight when she decided against bariatric surgery in favor of diet and exercise.


A Roundup of Summer Wellness Opportunities for You and Your Kids

Ah, summertime—the season of freedom for youngsters, free from the trappings of studies, classes and (most) extracurricular activities. What’s a family to do with all this pent-up energy? “The statistics on childhood obesity are sobering and sad,” says FlyFeet Fitness co-owner Ben Shane. “The earlier you can build fun into a regular exercise regime, the better.” Luckily, the lake area is committed to providing multiple options for kids and families to get active. Here’s just a sampling of what’s out there. We’ve organized these local classes and events by age group.


Introducing mXe Movement Studio in Linden Hills

What makes mXe Movement Studio in Linden Hills stand apart? Pronounced “moxie,” mXe’s founder Heather Corndorf refers to her studio’s group fitness offerings as movement classes where all levels are welcome. From the format of the classes to the top-notch instructors, all aspects of mXe foster an environment where members come back for more than toned muscles and improved cardio capabilities.


A New Gym Opens in Maple Grove, Where Everyone Is a Champion

Herb Tanton and Ryan Heim desired to open a health club that had a little something for everyone but also took participants back to the basics of health and fitness, which they view as highly important. “We want everyone to understand that once you take that step down the fitness path,” Tanton says, “you become a champion.” Specializing in sports performance training and boot camps where participants get individual workouts in a group setting, the gym also offers 7,000 square feet of open gym, so everyone can find an exercise that works.


Bounce, Spin and Fly Your Way to Fitness at The Aviary

Bungee fitness is a high-flying international sensation that has landed in Minnetonka at The Aviary studio. You might not have heard about it yet, because it’s just beginning to trend in the Twin Cities—but if you’re looking for a different way to get your sweat on, check it out.


2 Great 2 Minute Exercises

Owner of Get It Done Fitness Jose Lara shares two quick exercises to improve strength and health. Each exercise is built to be done as many times as possible in one minute.

Set 1

1 Minute Short Squats: Keep feet shoulder-width apart, hips back, sit back and bring the hips backward to work entire lower body.



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