St. Patrick’s Day Tips from Kip’s Irish Pub bartender Chad Soland

What’s it really like being a bartender on St. Patrick’s Day?

Both exciting and stressful. Most days at a bar you’ll have your rush times and your lulls, when you can get caught back up. Not on St. Pat’s. It’s go-go-go from the moment you arrive to the end of the night.

Any tips on how to have a good bar experience as a customer on St. Patty’s Day?

St. Louis Park Emergency Program: Feinstein Challenge

March is Minnesota FoodShare Month, and the St. Louis Park Emergency Program (STEP) is participating in the Feinstein Challenge to help feed hungry Minnesotans. 

Since 1997, East Coast philanthropist Alan Feinstein has earmarked $1 million for anti-hunger charities. Participating charities have between March 1 and April 30 to gather as many food donations as possible.  The Feinstein Challenge then awards a portion of the million dollars to the organization; the award size is based on how much food is donated.

Jo Nesbo's "The Snowman" Is Cold and Creepy

Gritty detective Harry Hole suspects serial murder when an ominous snowman appears at each of the homes of several women in Oslo who are later found dead. The cold creeps into the room as you are pulled into the full horror of this tale. You’re not even conscious of turning the page as the senses are teased. Author Jo Nesbo is better than Agatha Christie. Find this and other titles at


Paying it forward with "Hope the Hip Hippo"

In her short life, 6-year-old Abbey Dankwerth of St. Louis Park has undergone 13 surgeries, including open-heart surgery in 2011. She was born with congenital hip dysplasia, a condition where the hips don’t form properly. Abbey’s mother Michelle often worried about how the ordeal was affecting her daughter emotionally. “She didn’t understand why she needed to wear a cast all the time,” says Michelle.

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