Local Winemaker Says Making Homemade Wine is 'Idiot-Proof'

Doug Hudson holding a bottle of homemade wine from a winemaking kit

With the rise of cooking competition TV shows and Netflix streamers about homespun desserts, it’s easy to get caught up in the magic and pride that comes with creating restaurant-quality delicacies in the comfort of your own home. Many are discovering the joys of creating vino to go along with their vittles, bringing the spirit and ingenuity of Napa Valley, Calif. to the Twin Cities.

Family Winery Offers Taste of Argentina in Minnesota

Eugenio Meschini and Teresa Thein Meschini, co-owners of Famiglia Meschini winery, enjoy a glass of their creation.

Think you have a long commute from your City South–area home? Just imagine running a vineyard in South America. It’s more than 5,000 miles to Argentina and this south Minneapolis family is making it work.

What started as one vineyard and a long-distance investment has grown for Southwest Minneapolis residents Eugenio Meschini and Teresa Thein Meschini. They have transformed a former family farm into a second winery and the two vineyards produce a grape crop that’s primarily sold to other Argentine wineries.

Wine Winks Owner Heather Thomas on the Inspiration behind Her Brand

“You’ve always got your girls and a bottle of wine,” owner of Wine Winks Heather Thomas says. She created the business in 2015 after years spent searching for the perfect hostess gift. The Bryn Mawr resident is CEO of the retail and online business, selling accessories made with a bottle of wine in mind.

Thomas jokes that inspiration was found at the bottom of a bottle, but a background in sales and marketing coupled with creative vision and the right team helped bring her concept to life.


Lakes, Wine and Cheese

There are plenty of variables to consider when thinking about wine. One can look, for example,  at grape, region, age and technique. Oddly enough, cheese is just as dependent on these variables. Bridget Haugh, cheese expert at Lake Wine and Spirits, says cheese is the perfect complement to wine because they both “come from the land. The quality and taste of the milk produced is determined by the diet of the animals.

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