Terri Kane Brings the St. Louis Park Community Together for the Grand Day Parade at Parktacular Festival

What started out as a one-time volunteer job to help a couple of friends turned into an annual tradition for Terri Kane. A few of her friends were involved with Parktacular in St. Louis Park, and Kane stepped in to be a day-of volunteer-picking up trash and helping wherever they needed an extra hand. After returning year after year, Kane realized this was something she loved.

When the president of Parktacular—who had been her parade co-coordinator—retired, Kane found herself the sole coordinator of the parade, and it's a duty she took on with joy. “Kids like it, and you see people having fun,” Kane says. One of her favorite parts of the whole event is interacting with participants before and during the Grand Day parade.

And while fun and games take center stage, there’s quite a bit that needs to be done before the parade can begin. Months beforehand, parade applications are put online, and Kane contacts past participants or those who have expressed interest. Then, she has to make sure all the participants have the information they need, including where to meet before the parade, where floats should go and details about the timeline.

Though Kane tries her best to make sure everything runs smoothly, there have been a few times her parade was actually rained on. She notes a time where it rained so hard the streets flooded and half of the groups couldn’t get through the parade route.
But rain or shine, you can find Kane working at some part of the celebration. When she isn’t overseeing the parade, she’s assisting the Parktacular Board in the festival portion. From the petting zoo to the food, Kane praises the community for this event. “I like what I’m doing, and I like the people I do it with,” she says.