Three Girl Scouts Tackle Bullying, Earn Silver Award

Three local Girl Scouts tackle middle school bullying.
Local award winning Girl Scouts Megan Aune, left, Polina Espersen and Jane Anderson, right.

It was a brainstorming session that led then seventh-grade Girl Scouts Polina Espersen, Megan Aune and Jane Anderson to unanimously agree to take a stand against the effects of bullying on middle school students. The idea earned them a Silver Award, which involves a project that requires more than 50 hours for each girl to complete, as well as approval from the Girl Scouts Council. The girls created a PowerPoint presentation for fifth- and sixth-grade students and each took a role that played to their strengths: Polina delivered the presentations because she was comfortable speaking in front of a group, Jane worked on the creative aspects and Megan talked with administrators about planning and organization.

“Our project taught [students] how to handle bullying, who to talk to, and that it’s OK to talk to people if you see someone getting bullied because it helps solve the problem,” Megan says. The three, now freshmen at St. Louis Park High School, received the award in June 2012.