Time to Get a Handyman

“Carpentry is a noble trade,” says local Handyman Connection owner Nate Bruen. Bruen works on an array of jobs, but the most common are bathroom updates, deck repairs and deck builds, installing laminate flooring and the infamous honey-do lists.

With the righ materials, time and know-how, DIY home projects can be a fun Hobby—especially when ideas are just a click away on Pinterest. But Bruen warns about issues he has seen when his clients try to do the work themselves. “When customers try to build their own deck, for example, often times they are not familiar with Minnesota code. So, when they go to sell the house, inspectors flag the issues and they have to pay someone to fix it anyway.”

Time is also a common issue. When projects take longer than expected, there are often details that go unfinished. “What takes [homeowners] one month takes us half the time,” says Bruen. “Save the time for your loved ones.

By The Numbers:
1 Million liability insurance and workers comp on all employees
40 percent deposit holds a spot in the schedule
$200 minimum on jobs
All work is guaranteed in writing

Handyman Connection
10700 Normandale Blvd.
Suite 101, Bloomington