If you’re looking for a low-tech introduction to meditation, try this simple exercise from Steve Matuszak at Dharma Field, who also shares a few pointers for your practice.

According to Mollie Krengel, each of us is born with a beat inside us.

Colin Snow, owner of Natural Step School of Tai Chi for Health and Well-Being in Bryn Mawr Village, has practiced and taught tai chi for over 35 years.

Although walking is my favorite form of exercise, I’ve heard the messages from doctors and trainers reminding me that turning 40 means it’s time to get serious about working my muscles and adding new challenges to my fitness routine.

Cardiff D. Hall’s life changed without warning. One day, he went to work as usual in the morning, but by afternoon he no longer had a job. “That’s an event I didn’t plan for, didn’t know it was coming,” he remembers.

When hard times hit, many turn to counseling for guidance. But while therapy appointments can take weeks to make, mental health crises can’t wait.

Relieve Stress: 20 Quick Techniques By Katrin Schubert

It’s a part of human nature to dance. In the car, kitchen, parties, we all find our ballrooms in small moments of time.

Nothing ruins a relaxing family outing to the beach like a nasty sunburn. Dr. Bruce Cantor, a pediatrician at Partners in Pediatrics and a St.

I’m just going for a walk. A walk with, if not a friend, then a person who will listen. I meet her at a pre-arranged spot on Lake of the Isles. It’s a cold and snowy morning. After the kind offer of hand warmers, she says what I imagine every human being in the world wants to hear: “Don’t worry.

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